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May 5, 2014 by Cheryl Ward 2 Comments


Breakfast on the veranda.


I have had every good intention to write for some time, but I felt a bit technology challenged; afraid I might mess up the beautiful website my son created. Christopher is a professional to say the least, so I will do my best in posting this first blog correctly. Guests are coming regularly since April and I’m back in the swing of things.  It is so delightful to hear  laughter everyday and see everyone coming and going to local attractions, fetes, restaurants and sports activities…delightful sounds, sights, and a lovely stimulus to tap into my senses!

I wish I had started writing down the many stories over the past 10 years since arriving the first time in Brittany, but I will begin now to share some of the experiences and bits and pieces making up my “Brittany Adventure” and more than that, a reflection of life as a whole. I have been so enriched and fulfilled in ways unimagineable, that I feel like a bubbling brook…and not quite sure which route to flow, so to speak. So I’ll write in no particular order of events but in a format of free flowing words, according to my mood; like the way I live my life.

I love waking up each day with the music of the sea, the river, the birds, the wind, the rain or sunshine. Each day brings a freshness, a new beginning, and offers me the opportunity to make anything of that day I choose! My favorite feeling I choose is HAPPY!

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Katherine April 5, 2016 at 10:27 am

Hi. I’m an American in France, too. I’d love to gear more about your adventures. I’ve little doubt it’s difficult to keep up with a blog while running a busy B&B!
Your place looks lovely and I hope to come and stay sometime soon.

Cheryl Ward April 5, 2016 at 5:15 pm

Hi Katherine,
You are right! It is hard to keep up with a busy B & B and blog routinely but I really hope to begin to do a bit regularly. Thank you for writing and I hope you can come and visit one day soon! My email address is on my site if you would like to say hello personnally and perhaps share where you live. I just returned from the states, having had a wonderful long winter with family. Season began today with guests arriving from the U.S.! We still have room in the cooking school if you or any friends would like to attend the week of June 12-17! All the best, Cheryl

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