Brittany Invites You To Enjoy

France’s Well Kept Secret...A Magical Paradise!

 Step back in time  to a land of medieval castles and towns, Celtic festivals abounding with music, costumes, and dance of a culture long ago.

Explore  the magical forests of Merlin and King Arthur, the coastlines traveled by Vikings, Celts, Explorers and Pirates.

Walk  the beautiful national coastal walkway.

Awaken  your senses…smell the sea air, capture the wind in your sails, hear the clip clop of the horses, feel the sea spray of the crashing waves, see the vibrant colors of the poppy fields.

Taste  the crepes and recipes of generations past, made from local farms and  the fisherman’s daily catch of “fruits of the sea.”

Imagine  times long ago, Knights of the Round Table, folklore and legends.

Refresh  your spirit.


All professional photography on this website by:   Edu Van Gelder, Belgium,

All hand painted murals throughout the home by:   Betsy Kozlowski, New York


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